If you have been contacted by us - or by phone + 36-20 / 356-8920, after a mutually satisfactory time in our office (  ), You are in calm conditions the first personal meeting.

Clarify the fact or the purpose you want

At the personal meeting, you are telling us what question we are facing, the situation to be resolved, clarify the facts and what purpose you want to achieve.
Based on the above, my own questions are raised, and after clarifying these issues, we can move on to the solution. This is very important because it is up to you based on the facts and the aims you have to say that the intended purpose is realistically how, by applying the facts, professional principles and the relevant legislation, what is the application of the time, financial, implication, legal consequence, etc.

Of course, it is important that you have a vision of the matter and how to solve the existing problem, but often people (friends) are wrong to judge their own situation, their interests, and the potential for solving problems - often unfounded, wrong information from friends, relatives and other well-informed people - I often encounter situations in which, for the sake of meaningful progress, it is first necessary to clarify these ideas and the foundations of the ideas.
My vision and experience so far is that a good and fair expert openly tells his Principal what it is that can not be or is not worth doing - of course - arguing with arguments - as it has several legal, reasonableness and interest boundaries for the work to be done, in addition, this opinion does not always coincide with the Principal's ideas.

Solution Suggestion

If they have been negotiated, a proposal for a solution that includes the labor costs for the foreseeable, predictable costs, deadlines, and the security with which the case may be executed, what is the purpose, legal consequence and usability of the move may be.

The conclusion of a contract

After discussing and discussing all work-related details, I will send a draft of a signed three-part contract to the client or its legal representative for study and suggestion. After the customer has received written or telephone feedback from me, the contract may be signed.

Parts of the contract

A Private Attorney's Contract, which records the relationship between us, the Fact Sheet that contains the facts that have been discussed during the meeting and the Financial Agreement, the title of which talks for itself.
After completing the work, you will receive an original signed copy of the private investigator report, a photo taken during the work, or video recordings on a CD - DVD, other originals, proofs in original and the original invoice of the work fee.