Dr. Barna Edina, private lawyer

Address/Office: 1132 Budapest, Váci út 54. V/1.

Mobile phone: +36-30-9-488-468

SEEING a customer after a preliminary appointment

Legal background – Dr. Barna Edina, a private lawyer

My partner and my wife at the same time, with whom I share my bureau, Dr. Barna Edina private lawyer, is an independent specialist. She, on the overcrowded market of juristic services, is a representative and an advisor in more than one branches who performs her work with a customer – orientated attitude.

Our trade co-operation of the last couple of years gave us a wide range of experience in both civil and criminal cases, and also good results, satisfied customers who always come back with their cases; They gave us private and firm-references; These years proved how a private detective and a lawyer can get on well and be a good reason for existence.

Our experience and the references of our customers are proof of the references of our customers are proof of the fact that the cooperation of a private detective and a lawyer and their working in the same bureau are advantageous for both activities and most of all for the customers. – Why is the cooperation of private detective and lawyer advantageous?

Trade branches

Right for immovable property

Representation at law in cases concerning immovable property.

Making contracts of sale, donation, exchange, and abolition of joint property, etc.

Making establishing deeds of condominiums. Legal representation of condominium.

Claim for damages, financed law

Establishing finance companies, representation of a company before its registration, alteration of company contracts, patting on file associations and foundations. Nowadays you can apply for a firm registration in an electronic way, thus our bureau can sign the application electronically.

Family and inheritance law

In my family law issue, we provide legal advice and representation.

Making contracts and those of separate property before the marriage.

Giving advice and representation at divorce suits.

Advice and representation in alimentation of children and their placing at one of the parents.

Punitory cases and offenses against the law

Authorized legal representation of the culpable and offended parties


Constant representation of finance companies where we in a wide range of cases offer our help as a private detective and lawyer, to our customers.