Nowadays, business intelligence has become a serious and honest specialist, representing a different quality in its content and status than industrial espionage, so its necessity and acceptance is increasingly growing in the economic and financial-entrepreneurial field.

It is of decisive importance that business information is acquired solely in legal terms, through data acquisition, analysis, deduction of conclusions, information and data protection, and internal corporate security using legal tools and methods, thus becoming a serious decision-making tool in business.

  1. Business intelligence activities cover many areas, but my business is within the security domains of pre-recruitment of pre-recruitment and recruitment of employees who are in charge of trust and senior positions, before the recruitment of recruited staff (examinations of environmental studies) after recruitment, recurring control, technical information protection, as well as the technical inspection of offices, meeting rooms and other important places.
  2. Discretionary control of compliance with economic and personnel conflict-of-interest rules within a company.
  3. Regarding the examination of the existing or prospective business partner, it is the easiest way to verify the conditions, the actual activities, the business-financial relations, the possible personal mergers, other interests and debts of the competent authorities, the premises, the branch office of the company, and mapping its claims, and real financial and property (movable, immovable property).
  4. In addition to the foregoing, the whole bonitism examination needs to consider the financial firm's financial reliability, profitability, revenue, market prospects, assets owned by assets, commodities, property value and the size of its debits.
  5. My personal and business partners offer special professional help to lawyers, lawyers, banks, private entrepreneurs and law firms that provide legal background to listed companies who know that private investigators are not a negative activity within a defined framework, but a positive one in the decision-making process and the closer the relationship between information - its analysis - and the resulting decision-making, the more effective an enterprise is.

The expertise, support and experience of my wife as a legal adviser in my work provides me with a solid background for the complete and successful execution of private detective professional tasks.