For business executives or other decision-makers before signing up with a new or old partner, the free-access e-business listing data is no longer sufficient information nowadays.

The actual, current, factual state of the company and the recorded, visible state of the business register can be several months apart, the process, startup, and results of certain processes cannot be seen in the business register, so the company's operation and life can only be mapped by deeper investigation , This is the health check of the company.

In this process, we combine and then compile a complex report of corporate information, company history, wealth and related state records, court records and, of course, the on-site experience of the investigated company, so the preparation of this kind of corporate information financial and financial management metrics The realization of the old and the current ownership structure of a given business organization, the management system of the given business, the realization of the market position, economic and financial condition, real estate assets, main activities of the company, business relations and affiliated companies within the given profession, profession.

Why can you benefit from testing?

Of course, the Principal or his / her legal representative may infer from the facts collected by the private investigator the conclusions of the business association, its directors, owners, management, assets, etc. relationship. The investigation can be a basis for concluding contracts between companies or in concluding a contract, but it provides concrete and reliable information to initiate or reject a civil lawsuit.

What is the use of this procedure?

  1. The results of a health check on a company are part of one of the most detailed, mostly objective facts, of any company, organization, financial institution, pre-contract, decision-making process.
  2. In the case of divorce-related to private life problems, it may be worthwhile for the distribution of assets, financial management, etc. of the property of the opposite husband or wife associated with the property of the opposing party, (Can be the car, property, business part of a company etc.)
  3. In the case of material disputes between economic companies, before the initiation of civil proceedings or liquidation proceedings - the payment of litigation, lawsuit and lawyer's fees - it is worth conducting the investigation since there is not much to be won if the debtor only owes it to no enforcement procedure assets.

Nowadays, business confidentiality and information acquisition have become a serious and fair knowledge that has a different status in terms of content and status than industrial espionage, so its necessity and acceptance is growing, especially in the economic-financial-entrepreneurial area. It is of decisive importance that business information is acquired solely in legal terms by obtaining data, processing, analyzing, deduction of conclusions, information and data protection, and internal corporate security using legal tools and methods, thus becoming a serious decision-making tool in business. 

International and domestic companies should be of any size, it is indispensable to control business partners. The practice has repeatedly demonstrated that prospective or existing businesspeople who are positively positive in the face of liquidation, whether they are subject to regulatory action, are faced with liquidity problems or simply rogues. Verification does not create mistrust, as the basis of trust in business is constant control. There are a number of legitimate methods that people can do with this job, with little care in the company.

With regard to the examination of the existing or prospective business partner, the most simple one, in the competent departments of the municipal court, at the headquarters, premises and branch office of the company, the conditions, real activities, business-financial relations, possible personal mergers, Other assets, debts and claims, and the real financial and property (movable, immovable property).

In addition to the foregoing, the whole test needs to examine the financial firm's financial reliability, profitability, revenue, market prospects, assets owned, the value of the property and the extent of its possible debts. Payment reliability, any debts or the fairness of their services.)

Company examination (health check) is one of the most detailed, mostly objective facts, of a financial institution or of any business association's decision-making process. Of course, the payer deducts conclusions from the facts gathered by the company, its managers, owners, management, etc. But this is not our job, we only do the findings, we are conducting company inquiries.