What I can help to my clients or their Lawyer"?

  • Ensuring the need for information from the client and the legal representative on all family law issues.
  • With divorce - Tracking - Monitoring
  • In the case of guardianship of a spouse, proof of possible infidelity of the opposing party.
  • In the case of divorce - (supposedly concealed property) the detection of movable and immovable property acquired during a marriage. Investments in property - property valuation
  • In the case of a dispute concerning the amount of child care, the examination of the lifestyle of the opposing party and its costs. Environmental Studies - Lifestyle Examination
  • In the case of divorce, examination of a company as a property element - checking a business partner.
  • Proof of his / her eternal person, obtaining Hungarian official declarations.

Is the knowledge of law useful to the private investigator?

In my view and experience, the private investigative profession has undergone a number of changes and transformations in recent years, partly due to the fact that some other activities related to the profession and their regulation have undergone fundamental changes, affecting our profession, the timeliness of our work.


Here I am primarily concerned with the change of the legal environment, which is most important in civil matters, the changes and new rules of the Civil Code of Justice, which have taken place on 2018.01.01, have a strong influence on the private investigator profession. Of course, there is no description of how the new regulations affect the work of private investigators, but if we work in cases where the results of our work are to be properly used as evidence in court proceedings, then the new PP must be thoroughly recognized. time-related rules for submitting evidence.

For many years, I have seen that in many cases it is of decisive importance when and how to use evidence obtained by a private investigator in a case, it became vital since 2018/01, and the fundamental legal training of private investigators is an inescapable fact.