1. Employers' social security fraud detection, legitimate documenting and documenting events is a concern for employers.
  2. Verify the origin of the documents and the veracity of the data on which their content is based. (examinations, authorizations, etc.) I cannot do the examination of the authenticity of the documents as these expert opinions are issued by experts.

  3. Birth, marriage, and death certificates, medical certificates, sightings, final reports, autopsy reports, court orders, etc.

  4. It is necessary to ensure the insurance - the basis of the hedge fund, valuables and real estate conditions underlying it.

  5. Housing Insurance Fraud Recognition.

  6. Fraud detection related to the alienation of property, the unauthorized entry or deletion of charges and margins on the ownership card.

  7. Car insurance fraud detection.

  8. Life, - and accident insurance fraud detection.

  9. Fraud detection related to the possible corruption of damage estimators and merchants.