Why do not you make the truth, because this is possible?'

What are the signs of infidelity, that is, the relationship out of marriage?
- Your partner is spending too much time on the computer, especially at night.
- He hides his cell phone or phone bill.
- You notice strange changes in your habits, behaviors, and daily schedules.
- Undocumented sexual activity with no reason
- Variable mood, especially impatience with you, unexplainable or unjustifiable every day, later night and later weekend breaks.
- Encouraging the contents of communications and other electronic devices.
"It's unreasonably changed, more elegant dressing than ever.

Do not suffer from doubts, prove your partner’s infidelity!!

A private investigator can demonstrate the presence of a suspected third party to provide evidence that there was such an event during the investigation period, whether it was a meeting between the persons concerned, contacts, etc. or not. If that was the case, events can usually be recorded using a technical tool. If you did not have personal contact, meeting, etc., so the expected event did not happen during the period under review, then it can only be reported that there was no half-time at that time, but it can’t be sure that there is no third party in the relationship.

Proof of a supposedly existing external relationship, in part, as I shall later describe in more detail, depends on the dignity of the participants in the human, character, intelligence, regular meetings, the order of contact and the nature of the relationship. These are the most important factors that also influence how long does it take to obtain evidence.
The intersection of the participants, the intensity of the relationship is influenced by several things, but basically, there are two kinds of relationships (these are partly written in the types of Relics). Each one has its own characteristics and these considerably influence the work of a private investigator, as well as the extent of the costs.
The organization of work, the amount of time it takes is a great deal to determine what kind of work the person you are going to observe is doing. It has to be completely different to plan for a fixed-time working person, such as a flexible working-time employee, otherwise for a senior or mid-level manager, as they all have a different schedule of time schedule, so their idle time is different, so differently, have to organize and plan work.

Many other things affect the planning and execution of work, but they are discussed in a personal meeting with the client.

Kinds of infidelity (one of the most important questions)

The time needed to prove a non-marital relationship usually depends on the nature of the external relationship.


Relationships on an emotional basis, higher emotional temperatures, usually those who are involved in the sessions many times a week or longer, often create meetings in situations and times that conflict with logical thinking, often taking the chance of falling asleep because of their emotions. In these cases, mathematically, there is more chance to prove the connection, as the meeting times between people are denser.
Relationships based on physical relationships are less emotional, and the classic proof of the existence of a relationship depends on how often people meet. For these relationships, accurate planning, regularity is more intuitive than emotional relationships, but a significant difference is that the number of encounters is usually less, so the proof of these relationships will take more time.

Proof, Conclusion

The facts will have an effect on the judge's personality, especially if the person cannot really explain the facts. It can be stated that the execution of works for court use is more difficult, much clearer than otherwise.

The legal consequence of infidelity

In 95% of the cases, the fact of theft and the credible proof of it to the court can be of importance for the placement of the common minor child (s), but the victim can only benefit from this - in the form of a spouse - if he has not given a basis for marriage or is not guilty of it, that is, that he did not go aside or at least not prove it.

The court has to thoroughly investigate parents based on their individuality, human character characteristics, lifestyle, and moral characteristics, as they make it suitable or inadequate for the child to be educated, so the justification for the omission in this it may also be a matter of fundamental importance - but basically this does not depend on this but on the expert opinion of the child's placement - in the case of court proceedings.
In order to prove infidelity, the information obtained through the use of private investigators will be submitted to our clients in the form of a report on a paper basis, in the photograph taken (in RAW or JPEG format), and video recordings on a digital media recorder.