Social Security fraud detection result of the recent economic crisis has created some staff more often true that a temporary, but the dismissal fleeing sick. The published test results show that the last two or three years back ill people living in the portfolio ratio has also doubled in Hungary, but the financial vállság further intensified this trend.

Risk, life, and accident insurance fraud detection

If you do not have to lose the job or at risk - it really the most outside of the disease impairment - they go to sick pay, who did not have much to lose. Greater than expected reduction in the company or fame were in danger of their jobs. In this case, mostly because it is found in the saying that healthy people are just not sufficiently investigated, so the employer does not have much chance in court. Except if the employee does not act correctly, so register themselves sick, so go to work, and medical paper only pulls in, if you give it to letter of dismissal, or healthy is on sick leave, but looking for a new job during this time or work somewhere without notice.

Checking Work

Home Office-based control of a portion of the workers 'home office' systems are not always appropriate, but for example. or working in the leading positions of trust, salesmen etc. or mixed, so "home office" and other work areas, for example, customers daily - for lasting relationships with your employees' working hours due to the uncontrolled and control activities can be justified.

The essence of control

The essence of the experience of control to turn the course of such checks (may) cast light on the time, distance driven company cars and fuel cost records of false data. Such verification cannot be assessed on one occasion that the employee met the competition's people during working hours, although it was banned in their contract. our country is becoming more and more common in the range of enterprises whose employees are uncertain. perform work is "home office" system that works there are benefits - eg: less fuel cost, etc. - or disadvantages, for example, uncontrolled part of the working time of employees.

Study environment, lifestyle test

The environmental study, the, a secret data collection method, data generating activity of the person, residence, work, school, friends, economic and business affected environment, its way of life, family, financial, work, existential situation of human-to characterize final properties of the findings, to contact the scope and precise mapping. 

Environmental studies - lifestyle assessment method and the data derived therefrom, not only the police and various security services are used for essential preventive controls, and other types of work background task of getting information, but also a wide range of application extends from the economic-financial and entrepreneurship, as well as civil litigation more field, which is useful összakapcsolható other tests.