What good is wealth research, where can it be applied, and what results can it achieve?
Lending, lending, pay a fee? Look for cover until you have something.

The cooperation of various organizations, banks, insurance companies, business associations, and private entrepreneurs does not always end up with mutual satisfaction, so in many cases issuance of a payment order from a legal relationship (usually unpaid bills, unpaid loans, default installments etc.) divorce, execution or winding-up proceedings, or criminal proceedings may begin.

Insolvent or unpaid debtors (or even guarantors) are usually alienated or subordinated to civil proceedings or afterward for the execution of their movable or immovable property, null and void contracts, thus attempting to make it impossible to satisfy legitimate claims.

The private investigator may apply the methodology of asset management as part of resolving settled settlement disputes, but also as a precautionary approach to the determination of real financial or property (movable, immovable property) of an existing or prospective business partner or individual.

In the cases described below, the Private Investigator can provide assistance to its Principal or its Legal Representative in order to identify, identify and identify, in the cases listed exemplified, the assets of the debtor or the guarantor, , cars, paintings, etc., which may have been hidden by the creditor, in many cases creditors or executives.

Would you like to know if your partner has acquired property, business part or other property that you do not know during your relationship?

The wealth-wealth analysis does not only have the legitimacy of the economic sphere. Everyone is afraid of their own or their children's movable or immovable property.

In the event of a later negative change in the relationship, before the marriage, in order to avoid any future distribution of property distribution problems, the real estate situation of a married party (prior to the conclusion of a pre-marriage contract) or secret marriage, the acquired property during the marriage real estate, movable property, business ownership, etc. ...) may be used by the private investigator and his client.