When does this need a company?

The security audit is a must-have procedure for most companies, especially when it is certain that the lack of control can be measured. Cash, work equipment, machine disappears, unreasonably high: inventory shortages, productivity decrease etc.

One of the possible causes of problems that may arise is that the company's internal processes are either not or just superficial. It may cause security problems if staff tracking is inadequate or unmanaged. The safety audit establishes human risk factors related to warehousing, transportation, life and technical guarding, and provides physical or even legal suggestions for change.

Security question, and is almost always the biggest risk element?

In the security issue, man himself is the biggest risk factor for every company, as the other risk elements are all related to people, so employee screening and background testing is one of the most effective problem-solving tools.

Every business company needs three to five years, but in the event of any problems that may arise, it is sometimes necessary to look at your company to see the changes, to respond to them, to find out any minor but later growing errors.

Security screening

The full property protection of the given object should be reviewed, including the legal background of the existing security company, the quality, professionalism, management method, and control of the ongoing work. Examines the effectiveness of the security systems in use and identifies how asset protection as a basic security system works within the company.

Examining internal processes 

The company's production system is un. as an external objective viewer, we look at risk factors in the processes, highlighting the risk points being detected, making a reasonable and feasible suggestion for the control method.

Privacy Policy

Basically, we are investigating which records are kept within a company, in the different fields of expertise, and how they fit into the statutory requirements of a security audit framework. We assess the security situation of information protection, which covers the proper flow of secrets and information inside the suppliers and the company's business partners, to enforce the regime's rules. We elaborate on the shortcomings and possible problems we have identified, and if necessary, we will prepare the regulations and the rules of the regime.