The work of a private detective is a multiple and complex business, therefore it would be thoughtless to talk about the prospective wages and expenses in general before knowing of the details of the task because such is the financial interest of both the customer and the commissioned person. Each case should be judged and considered individually. You should get directions about the employer’s demands, and only when these are known can the wages and additional cost be fixed.

The wages that I usually fix are competitive and acceptable for both signatories. They reflect the value of the qualitative work, which is performed in a workman-like manner. The wages involve the time the work takes, and also trustworthy information which can be checked and useful and suitable data.

There are some tasks we can take on a fixed fee + cost, and there are some that we take on an hourly fee + cost basis. There are works that consist of several types of work phases, so the workmanship will be different, and these may be mixed, so the wage rate will be unique, tailor-made, in which case it is not possible to create uniform tariffs.

According to my private detective’s experience, the activity that requires most money is the personal tracking or moving monitoring task, because these are those operative processes which need the most cars and other technical devices. What is also needed here is the practical experience of the participants. The price for this work is usually 60,-Euro – to 80,-Euro/person/hour + expenditures. The amount depends on the type of the task, the number of required technical devices, and on their character, the number of the participants, the ’quality’ of the target-person and on many other factors. To follow somebody, whether on foot or by vehicles, a minimum of two detectives are needed. But the number of employed persons can also depend on the personality of the target-person and on his/her way of moving.

The prices of other activities which are not mentioned here, but can be found on the PI Services’ page, are settled according to the complexity or simplicity of the task. The quality of different tasks, mean the thoroughness of gathering information, depends on how the employer wants them, all the rules of the business being considered. The thoroughness influences the prices, so it is difficult to settle a uniform price.

As for the legal background which is essential for private detective’s work, I am in a favorable position, since the lawyer who helps me is my own wife. Thus you can be certain that when it comes to legal judgment of your case, I actively consult on it, daily if needed, and it won’t cost you additional expenses.