Are you cheated, doubt about your partner's loyalty? Should you prove something, but You don't know how? Do you suffer about the difficulties divorce, childcare/asset sharing or company problems?

Private Investigator & the Lawyer

What we offer to you: "Professional work according to your needs with our expertness"

My name is Ernő Zoltán Haiszky private investigator. In Hungary, we first started to offer the services of a private investigator and attorney jointly, within an office, for those who, of course, do not achieve the desired result, but not all of them, but most of the time. With our legal and private investigative activities, we provide quality services whose results are a real value for our customers. One of the most important principles of our activity is to offer objectively, specifically to meet the needs, the life situation and the resulting interests of the client, to solve the problem of obtaining information and related legal issues.

The professional co-operation of recent years has provided a wide range of experiences (in civil or criminal cases) with good results, satisfied, returning clients (individual and corporate) and proved the co-existence and legitimacy of the lawyer-private investigator profession. We are confident in our expertise, experience, my own part in a national security service, professional experience in my operational department, and my 14 years of private detective practice, in my personal skills, in the expertise of the professionals working with me.

At the same time, it also means that we include information about the risk elements in the case and how these affect the achievement of a result that is right for you. If you are interested in the short description, you can make the above in a personal meeting and consultation, which of course does not oblige you to give the mandate to deal with your case in any professional area. For information on my professional activities and their details, see the PI services.

Private detective and a lawyer working relationship in the private detective work, you need to produce results according to each case and appropriate quality processing and the interests of the principal in-depth knowledge of the Civil Code, the companies law,  family law and Judicial Procedure standards, but it's still not do without a real legal knowledge, professional support lawyer courtroom experience.

Office Co, lawyer and wife also

In my case there is a favorable situation as a contributor my work a lawyer can be in the office my partner and also my friend, so you can be sure that the matter in me, the process - if it's active, daily consultations necessary to carry I - in connection with its current legal status during job .

In the event that prior to the private detective work, you also need a connection with his case received a legal opinion from a lawyer, then an hour's attorney-hour consultation fee will be charged.

If you legal assistance as part of the job does not require such. has been due to customary law relationship, you certainly do not need to be happy because we operate in order to solve the cause in your respective legal representatives.

Why is the essential legal support of a private detective?

It seems commonplace, but it is true that the private detective work varied, there are no two identical cases. This also means that there may have to be exactly what the possibilities of providing professional private investigator, and there are multilayered, complex issues requiring legal expertise where it will be really successful with the legal background to the private detective work.